Fake news is everywhere, and many Americans in this digital age struggle to sort fact from fiction. There’s much talk about the spread of fake news on the Internet and what companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, among others, should do to stop it.

This issue comes up often lately. When the Standing Rock movement began, the narrative was one sided. The “Mainstream News” channels were absent. They reported what the Morton County authorities provided only. Facebook became the “Real News” for some but even that has evolved. A few of our more recent website builds were designed to counter such news sites.

Have you been shut down on social media? Facebook blocking posts or shares? Take control of your message in life and publish on the web. Create your own platform to promote your truth. When it comes to matters that matter – set the record straight. Running your own website is EASIER than keeping up with a busy Facebook with no restrictions.

Any Blogger, Keyboard Warrior, Journalist or Writer can operate a website. Cost? Our standard DIY cost is about $129 per year. No monthly bills, easy to operate websites. Water Protectors and Native American supporters can get DIY sites from $72 per year and custom designed sites starting at $140 per year from us.

Send contact information to: water@viralsitedesign.com for sample sites and discuss specific requests you may need. Free artwork available also for Water Protectors and Native American supporters.

We support all independent journalist and activists who need a voice. Freedom of speech and freedom of press should remain guarded. Become part of the solution. Gain a louder voice and bring awareness to what is important to you. Any Blogger, Keyboard Warrior, Journalist or Writer can operate a website. Be seen, be heard. Be part of the peoples real news network, each other.

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